Rising Superior Food

Rising Superior Food is a Mexican Company founded in 2017 as a join venture between two very specialized companies in specific areas of the Food Market Industry: Frescos Don Gu y Productora Sativa.

Frescos Don Gu is a family owned company created in 1996 with the objective of creating a packing factory with international quality certifications to process their own grown products from their Organic Certified Ranch. Frescos Don Gu has 24 years experience in washing, processing, selecting, packing and exporting of fresh: Green Asparagus, Kale, Celery, Broccoli, Cabbage, Colliflower, Succini Squash, etc.

Productora Sativa was created in 2011 with the intention of developing post harvest technologies to generate aggregate value to Mexican Agricultural Products. After several years of investment, research and development, the company created a high efficiency dehydration production line specialized in vegetables.


In Rising Superior Foods we have the perfect mixture of variables to offer a quality product.

Fresh, trustable, traceable raw material
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High efficiency self owned technology
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Certified Processes and Facilities
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High Standard Vegetable Powders
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In this Joint Venture, each enterprise provides the following:

Frescos Don Gu:

Fresh organic raw materials, with international export quality, traceability and production certainty.
High standards facilities with international quality certifications.
24 years of experience in production, handling and sanitary controls for vegetables.

Productora Sativa:

Proven own technology capable of drying vegetables with and efficiency five times greater than an ordinary drying line.
Continuous innovation and development in drying processes.
Food ingredients market development.

The result of all the former is
Risisng Superior Foods, organic powdered vegetables of the highest quality.